Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trick or Treat 2014 is here!

The 5th annual Trick or Treat is officially open!

- 28 treat stations, 5 mini hunt items, all completely free!
- follow a trail across an entire sim filled with halloween and horror areas of all kinds!
- an all new ending area is sure to creep you out!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

NEW from blueberry hill @ Candy Fair 2014!

Stop by the 2014 Candy Fair to check out all the yummy treat inspired items from blueberry hill!

First off, check out our Sugarworld gacha! A detailed decorative board game, great for photo ops or just to brighten up the room!

- pieces 1 land impact each
- mod so you can have fun with size or link together a complete set
-10 items to collect including 2 rare

Next head over to our both for lots more NEW exclusive items!

- only 3 land impact
- gives wearable versions of each candy shown, animated to eat!
- sound when using the menu

- only 1 land impacteach

- wearable with custom hold animation
- resize scripted for easy fitting to your avatar

- resize scripted for easy fitting to your avatar

- only 1 land impact each
- gives each color of cookie in wearable version, animated to eat!

- only 1 land impact each
- gives wearable pumpkin candy animated to eat!

teleport to candy fair: