Sunday, May 20, 2012

[][] beach street [][] @ the Home and Garden Expo!

Home and Garden Expo 2012 in support of RFL is here! beach street is there with items both for donation and for sale, all brand NEW and all exclusive to the expo until it ends!

First off, our newest home is on display! 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, lots of features like under the stairs room, secret attic, front and back porches, patio doors, library/study and more! Many of the railings and details including the lattice are all custom exclusive sculpts! We've even got the house set under our new pricing guidelines, so not only is it cute its affordable too! 322 prims all included

Our RFL donation items are a perfect accent to this or any other home! Our picket fence kit is copy and mod, and comes with pieces facing both directions! Fence in any size area you wish with minimal prim use. Our wall unit has 2 poses for 2 avatars, and many accessories both linked in and soft linked, it's even partially mesh!

Our newest furniture set is highly decorative while only being 86 prims, lots of custom poses and both sculpted and mesh accessories!

And finally, another decorative item for any home, the simple life chair!

Check out [][] beach street [][] on sim 2 at the Home and Garden expo today!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

NEW farmhouse at [][] beach street [][] !

Just released today our brand NEW farmhouse available in 2 versions! Mod/copy as always with rooms able to be individually wallpapered!

3 bedrooms (more spatious in the regular version), 2 bathrooms, kitchen with double doors, dining room, front and back staircase, livingroom, sitting areas and decorative areas, wood shed, only 264 prims! Vintage inspired walpaper throughout and a shabby feel. Dirty version is 274 prims, perfect for a haunted house or a moody atmosphere! Textures in the dirty version are torn, dirty or bloody and rusted, some doors and windows are broken.

Both version are available to view inworld in our demo rezzer so you can try before you buy! Available soon on the SL marketplace as well!

teleport to beach street:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Touch of Tuesdays at [][] beach street [][] !

Check out beach street this week for our newest item, on sale for a Touch of Tuesdays!

You'll also find the prices on our houses updated inworld, and soon on marketplace to be more affordable for our customers!