Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trick or Treat 2013 presented by Larnia Kids and beach street!

Join us for a fun filled sim of chills, thrills and Halloween goodness as the fourth annual Trick or Treat event begins! 22 prize stations filled with free prizes from 6 stores! Mini hunt with 5 extra prizes! Over 12 areas to explore! Escape the haunted mine, creep through the house of horrors, come face to face with slashers, sneak by the evil witch, and experience and all new ending area sure to please! Can you survive? Come join us from now until November 2nd at the slurl below!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

[][] beach street [][] @ Horrorfest and the Tricky Treats GACHA!

Stop by the Horrorfest charity event to check out all the amazing items from [][] beach street [][] and other amazing designers, and support a great cause!

teleport to horrorfest:

PLUS, head over to the Tricky Treats GACHA festival to try your luck at our Acorn Pillow gacha! Only 25L per play!

teleport to Tricky Treats:

Saturday, October 5, 2013

[][] beach street [][] Candy Fair and Oh My Gacha!

If you're looking for some amazing events in Second Life, you may want to check out what beach street has out now!

At Candy Fair, check out our brand new exclusive items, all available now! 100% original mesh and low land impact where applicable

At Oh My Gacha, a brand new large scale gacha event, you'll find our brand new and exclusive Wonderwood Chess set! A wonderfully whimsical decoration, or give a friend your edit rights and have a game of chess! 100% original mesh, only 1 land impact per piece, including the board! 4 rares to collect!

teleport to Oh My Gacha: